Want to provide an added level of secure access? Provide color coded wristbands with your event ID imprinted on each wristband. Wristbands can be used for temporary access to control entry of suppliers and setup personnel. Great for move in and move out.

Why create name badges for non essential personnel.

We can provide wristbands in a variety of colors and formats to aid in designating security levels for access to different areas or designated time periods. Contact one of our sales representatives or your account manager for pricing and details.

Still need more....

We provide product sourcing services for all of our clients. Let us help you find a unique promotional product or service for your next event or meeting. Our extensive list of preferred suppliers gives us access to a wide range of unique promotional items and services that can be used for sponsorship revenue at your next event.

Items include, bags, binders, portfolios, pens, awards and assorted novelty giveaway items. All promotional pieces can include the name of the sponsor and contact info. Let us find you a suitable item that meets your budget requirements and your promotional objectives.

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