Lead Retrieval offers exhibitors a means to capture the contact information of visitors to their booth, qualify each lead and track visitor interest in their products.

The badge of each attendee is imprinted with a unique barcode. Using one of our Lead Retrieval Systems, the exhibitor simply scans the badge of any delegate they would like to follow up with after the show.

The information captured by the exhibitors can be made available in a variety of formats including email, printed reports, mailing labels, or electronic data on disc, usb key or smart card. This information can be easily imported into a contact management system or spreadsheet.

Show management has the option of providing all the exhibitors with a lead scanning solution where we provide the staffing and on-site technical support to distribute and configure the lead units based on a discounted flat rate per unit. Alternatively, we offer the option to for exhibitors to order lead scanners directly from us. We provide a lead order form for distribution in the exhibitor kits and a online order form. Custom follow up codes are provided for tracking product interest or customer demographics, alongside the contact info for each lead generated.

All leads are emailed to the exhibitor at the conclusion of the event. No more standing in line, waiting for reports at the end of the event. All lead retrieval information is backed up and can be reissued if the data is misplaced by the exhibitor following the event. We  provide exhibitors a usb key option so they can take their leads with them at the end of the show. We also offer follow-up lead retrieval services, where we will contact an exhibitor's leads on their company's behalf. Contact can take the form of mailing brochures, product surveys, or catalogues as well as targeted email campaigns.

For Show Managers who have their own in-house registration system or a preferred registration service supplier, we can integrate our lead system to work with your existiing registration system using either 3of9 (or 1D), PDF (2D) or RFID technology at anytime prior to badge printing. You can contract us to handle your onsite lead retrieval services only or in conjuction with our onsite namebadge printing services, Our flexibility doesn't stop there. We have several technologies  and pricing options to choose from.

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