We know how important the data collected is in evaluating the level to which your event was a success. We understand the trade show and meeting business and provide clear easy to understand reports that can be used to monitor any number of key elements of your event.

Once we have setup onsite we can generate reports on demand that show how many attendees have picked up their badge, how many preregistered delegates have yet to arrive and how many new delegates registered onsite up to that moment. These reports can be generated at any time and at no additional cost.

Our reports can also show you a number of important demographic details for your delegates such as the numbers from each state, province or region, numbers of members and non-members, professional designations, business categories and numbers of those with purchasing power or decision makers in attendance.

We do this by collecting the relevant information at the time of registration using selectable demographic responses to questions that are entered using coded responses or check boxes, to make data entry simple and collect all the information that is relevant to your business or industry. This information is invaluable to show managers in showing at a glance not just how many people came to the event but how many key people, such as company owners, managers, or targeted market delegates attended.

By using codes for various marketing pieces, we can capture that information during registration and generate reports that show the success of specific marketing campaigns. Event planners can see at a glance which magazine add or online link had the most success. This information is essential in planning future events and can really help when it comes time to make budget decisions for future marketing campaigns.

We do not need a complicated onsite setup to provide you with this information. For organizers that prefer to preprint delegate badges, we provide barcode scanners that can be used to scan name badges as they are given out. We can download the scanner at any time or immediately following the conference, trade show or meeting and give you an accurate attendance count along with a variety of key demographic items, all included with any of our service packages. We send you the scanners and you return them following the event. Simple.


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