Here we answer some basic support questions regarding our services.

Q. Can we get support after business hours?

A. Yes. If the matter is related to an online registration form, we have technicians available to make any necessary adjustments to get the form back online. All email queries are responded to on the following business day. We respond to queries made over the weekend within 24 hours, and often within a few hours.  If the matter is related to onsite support it is subject to the terms and agreement stated in the contract.


Q. Do you provide onsite support for event registration.

A. Yes. Whether you choose to have a support technician onsite to help manage the system or not, we have support available to you during show hours, wherever the event takes place. The options available will be discussed with your account rep prior to the event opening.

Q. Can you preprint name badges and ship them to us prior to the event/

A. Yes name badges can be bulk printed prior to the event and shipped to you sorted by last name or company name sequence. The name badges can be shipped with or without badge holders, or we can insert them into badge holders prior to shipping.

Q. Can you provide onsite support outside of North America?

A. Yes we can provide worldwide support, provided necessary visas are available for the event team. We can ship equipment anywhere in the world or in some cases acquire equipment locally for the event. Often equipment can be shipped with the onsite support as additional baggage, subject to the terms and fees of the airline.



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