With over 20 years experience in the event registration business, we can help your organization design a registration form that is easy to read and captures all the information you require. We understand the data entry process and can add features to the form that makes it simple to transfer the registrant information from one database to another. We implement registration codes, drop down lists and check lists for demographics and survey responses which speeds up data entry and accuracy.

This also helps when it comes to generating statistical reports for attendance and registration counts.

We can generate online registration forms and have the data stored in a offline datafile and automatically generate an email notification to event management as a backup or reference. Online registrants receive a confirmation email with the information they entered online. The confirmation can also include a bar-code which can be scanned onsite to quickly retrieve their information for onsite name badge printing.

While we recommend event planners make use of online registration forms, there are cases where you may need a printed form. We can generate a form that matches your online registration form and allows data entry staff to enter the information quickly and accurately. PDF forms can be posted online for download by registrants who do not want to put personal information online or they can be used in trade magazines and advertisements.


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