One of the most important features of any registration system for event planners is how effectively it can track actual attendance. We all know that not everyone who registers is able to attend and show management needs a means of reporting not only registration numbers but also attendance statistics.


By printing on demand at the event we can generate detailed reports for both registration and attendance, including number of badges printed, reprints, demogaphics and daily figures.

For some events it is preferred to have the badges pre-printed for insertion into delegate kits for onsite distribution. In this case, by utilizing our EZ Scan system scanners at the door or at the point of badge distribution, we can track real attendance. If people are designated as monitors to the show floor or seminar rooms and given a non-contact scanner we can also provide statistics on return visits and seminar participation. These stats can be an invaluable resource when it comes to planning future events.

Once we download the scanners we can instantly generate actual attendance statistics, which can help in estimating meal counts, or the success of promotional programs. Using our system we can also generate lists of non-attending which can be utilized for email reminder notices that can be sent out during the event.

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