Aardcom can setup and manage your online registration, including delegate registration forms, exhibitor registration forms, speaker registration and the submission of presentation proposals using an abstract submission form. Data can also be manually entered into these online forms, so that all your event data is in one secure location and accessible to you when you need it.

Online registration is the most cost effective means of registering delegates for your event. An online form is available 24/7 enabling your delegates to register for your event at their convenience. Registration forms can be setup to only allow submission of complete registration forms, with verified email addresses, ensuring an accurate and complete database.

Once completed, a confirmation of the registration process is provided onscreen and a second can be sent by email. The confirmations can include a unique identifier or a barcode, to simplify the onsite badge distribution process.

Unlike printed forms, the online form can be scheduled to be updated at anytime to reflect pricing, scheduling or seminar changes. The form is completed by the registrant and is submitted directly into the pre-registration database. This eliminates the possibility of error from re-keying information from handwritten registration forms.

Using the online registration database we can provide you with targeted lists for pre-show email campaigns or for promotional mailers for exhibitors. We can also mail out name badges prior to the event to all preregistered delegates, reducing your equipment requirements onsite. Preregistered delegates with badges are scanned at the entrance to give you an accurate count.

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