We offer Event Planners several methods to track session attendance and seminar participation for CE credits or continuing education.


The first method is to print seminar tickets at the time the name badges are printed, with tickets printed for each individual session, or a stream of interest, or as a day pass. These tickets can be printed with the registrant's name and include a matching barcode for scanning at the door or they can be collected and scanned into the master database at the end of the day.

Another method is to scan the barcode on the attendee name badge. We issue scanners for each room where the seminars or sessions are taking place and the scanners are used to scan each badge as the attendee enters the session. We can also set up the scanners to scan individuals on the way out to give a list of time spent in each session.

Once scanned into the master database we print the attendance reports for each session or seminar, as well as being able to provide a list of seminars attended by each individual. This report can be used to generate certificates or to send out certifications following the event.

Aardcom can setup and maintain a secure download location for retrieval of generated certificates. Each attendee can be provided with an access code which they can use to access the download site. Alternatively, Aardcom can generate and mail out or email the PDF certificates as designated by event management. A list of the successful participants is merged with the certificate document template and sent to the address or email on file.

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